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"The best book ever written about the Father of Our Country."  Robert Williams, Rooftop Reviews

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The Education of George Washington, book/biography
George Washington's long lost guide to greatness is brought to life by his descendant, cultural philosopher and historian Austin Washington, who takes you on the greatest adventure of George Washington's life. And yours.
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The Education of George Washington is not a history book - and yet it is.

It's a book about your future, based on an amazing new discovery - the guide to greatness George Washington got when he was fifteen (reproduced for the first time, in full, at the end of The Education of George Washington.) George used this newly discovered guide to transform himself from a poor, uneducated, awkward teenager, into the best dancer in Virginia, its best athlete, richest citizen, and all around star, long before he became that guy on the dollar bill (who was, of course, much more than that.)

The Education of George Washington takes you on the adventure of George Washington's life, seen for the first time through his own eyes.

James C. Rees, President of Mount Vernon, 1994–2012: “This lively, articulate, and humorous reflection on George Washington’s personality has some unexpected twists and turns, and the reader flips each page with a little uncertainty about where the book is heading, which is a large part of the fun. Austin Washington, with the help of the George Washington Papers project at Mount Vernon, has done something brand new. He has discovered through a document in George Washington’s own hand, overlooked by historians for two centuries, exactly how George Washington turned himself from a relatively poor boy with limited prospects into the heroic leader he became.”

Dr. Theodore Crackel, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, the Papers of George Washington: “George Washington ‘meets’ Frederick, Duke of Schonberg, and finds a model for his life. This delightful and insightful book is a sometimes jocular approach to the life of Washington (the author’s great … great-uncle) … The Education of George Washington is a witty, light-hearted, playful, even irreverent telling of the story. It is part theater and part history—a book that will reward readers in today’s fast-paced and attention-deficit world. It’s a very new take on a very old tale.”

Dean Malissa, George Washington reenactor at Mount Vernon: “A genuinely readable history and a different, thought-provoking perspective. Austin Washington has a particularly good insight into what his grand-uncle may have been thinking.”

Cheryl C. – Goodreads: “Cheryl C. rated it 5 of 5 stars. If you are looking for a dull and dry academic biography on America’s first president, you won’t find it in The Education of George Washington. What you will find is a book that entices even those not truly interested in reading about history to pick up a biography on one of America’s most influential historical figures. The author spends a good deal of time putting George Washington’s life and actions in the context of the world in which he lived: how Washington’s life was impacted by the death of his father; how living in rural Virginia led him to develop a certain mindset and talents; and what living in America during those early years was like. The book captures the everyday dangers of Colonial America that modern readers can tend to forget.A unique aspect to The Education of George Washington is that the author connects the reader to the Father of Our Country by talking about how Washington’s character developed and how the reader can also develop an equally fine character. In essence, this is not only a biography, it’s to some degree a self-help book.Washington’s love of history shines through on every page. And though his style is more witty and clever than one might expect from someone with a masters degree and who has performed postgraduate research that focused on Colonial America, it is exactly his ability to connect with modern readers that makes this a winning book worth every penny spent on it. I would read it again in a heartbeat if I had the time. Highly recommended.”

Robert Williams, Rooftop Reviews: “The best book ever written about the Father of Our Country.”

George Washington was accused, long before the American Revolution, of accidentally starting...a world war (the Seven Years War.) You think you have troubles? Imagine that on your resumé!

Work Experience: Moderate schooling, ran a small farm, started a world war.

Once an Indian marksman was assigned to assassinate George. He took 19 shots at him. Why did the Indian stop firing, and become George's fan? Why did he miss in the first place?

It's all here. Written by Oxford trained historian and heir of George Washington, Austin Washington, with "the wit of Wilde, the depth of Gibbon." You won't be bored, you'll be informed, and your life will be changed.

Oh, by the way, did you know the Cherry Tree Story is based on a little known secret of colonial society? The story has at least some truth to it. At the very least, you're going to win bar bets with this book.

But it's so much more...

The Education of George Washington is not a dead history book about some guy who once lived, long, long ago. It's about something that lives today, and can even live in your own life. The Education of George Washington is about the values of a hero, and his (newly discovered) guide to greatness. It's about how George Washington internalised wisdom of the past that helped his future, and can help yours, too.

The Education of George Washington is an exciting adventure that can transform your own life into an exciting adventure. It's like a nutritious milkshake, or an inspiring roller-coaster.

Good, and good for you.

Drink it up.

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