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Austin has spoken to millions of people, live and through the media. He is an award winning speaker, currently represented by The Washington Speakers Bureau. However, he is busy working on other media projects now, and will unlikely be available in the near future. Having said that, please contact him (fax: +1 360 851 3483) if you're really interested. Thank you.

Award winning speaker Austin Washington has spoken (in speeches and through the media) to over 20 million people in many cultures and countries around the world.

Jim Rees, Emeritus President of Mount Vernon, said Austin is "the speaker I received the most compliments on in a series of talks [Austin] appeared in at Mount Vernon recently, leaving the audience educated, entertained, and even charmed."

Austin Washington has been called a "future world leader" by the BBC, "America's Prince William" by visitors to Mount Vernon, and a "worthy representative of a great family" by Moscow's Shalom Daily News.

"A winning book worth every penny spent on it. I would read it again in a heartbeat if I had the time. Highly recommended." Cheryl C.,

"The best book ever written about the Father of Our Country."  Robert Williams, Rooftop Reviews

"George Washington would consider himself quite fortunate that one of his descendants was as creative and adventurous as Austin Washington."
Jim Rees, Emeritus President, Mount Vernon

Austin Washington's thesis adviser often chided him for writing "too much like a New York Times editorial." Not with a political slant - just the aim to elucidate while entertaining.

However, when The Discovery Channel discovered Austin, flew him to New York, put him on television, and loved what he did enough to give him a contract to develop shows with him as the host - it suddenly dawned on him that it's not such a bad thing to entertain while elucidating. During that same show, one of the cigarette smoking coffee swilling stagehands - jaded from working at 30 Rock for 30 years - grabbed Austin and thanked him for being so moving.

This was the inspiration for Austin to write his first book, The Education of George Washington. He wanted to do exactly what he was chided for in the academic world - entertain while elucidating. Keep people's attention long enough to make a serious point. And even move them - to make their lives better, to make the world better.

The miracle that followed the decision to write a book was the first major discovery about George Washington in over 200 years, the basis of The Education of George Washington, which is reshaping the world's understanding of this great man, while helping others follow in his footsteps.

Most recently skyrocketing to popularity with the national PBS show about his book, The Education of George Washington (Barry Kibrick, Between the Lines, Austin Washington), Austin is just starting his writing career, and would love for you to hop on the skyrocket with him, and zoom off into the stars.

Austin's greatest passion is to make good cool, which he intends to do beyond his first book. Not many people have done it, but, as he argues in The Education of George Washington, George Washington did. The fact that school teachers, uptight preachers, and reputation leechers have appropriated George Washington's name for their own ends is precisely the reason the discovery behind Austin's groundbreaking book is so important. The George Washington in The Education of George Washington is, for the first time, George Washington as George Washington saw George Washington.

This is also why The Education of George Washington is not just interesting to read. It can change your life (the way George Washington changed his own life.)


Austin had already appeared in front of over 20 million people (including through the media) as a result of his unique ability to convey values without seeming like a total dork. His first book makes his message exponentially greater.

He was, he feels, almost over-educated at the post-graduate level, while managing to have entirely skipped his secondary education (he started university before finishing his first year of high school.) This might have resulted in an incredibly articulate and nuanced ability to talk above the heads of most people about things that don't really matter to anyone.

Instead, though, his rich and varied life has given him a passion along with an almost unique ability to take the most profound, important , life-changing ideas, and make them accessible, without dumbing them down.


He is a world traveller who made enough money to never work again before he finished high school (which is easier than it sounds, as he has yet to start it.) He is a strong believer in synchronicity and the magic of life, and genuinely believes that the whole purpose of our particular universe is to experience perfect love (which he has already done - check for his next book.)

He also believes that to be good is not necessarily to be uncool, and vice versa.

Among his many other current projects is a children's book currently being illustrated by the greatest living artist in Russia. He also has two books in the works. What genre? Austinistic...! He is currently working with several Emmy winners on some new film and video projects. And then there is always the questionably legal Beatles 2.0.

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